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When World War I breaks out, as a woman, a Jew, wife of a German Jew, a suffragist and a mother of three, it seems Milbourne Goldschmidt's life just lurches from one obstacle to another. When her husband is interned as an enemy alien, it is difficult to support one's children when no one wants to hire Jews or Germans. Perhaps life would be easier with a different last name, perhaps the name Graham.
It is 1906 and Moshe is a young baker in a small shtetl in Romania. When the tailor's daughter leaves for America, he decides to follow her. Little does he know she has not gone to America, but to Canada instead. He has no money, no prospects, nothing but a little piece of dough wrapped in a handkerchief in his pocket.

About the author

Carla J. Silver is a mother, a semi-retired teacher and choral conductor. When she is not writing, she is conducting the local police chorus, practising harp, piano, singing or playing oboe in one of two community bands. She is the mother of cellist Beth Silver and of animator Adam Silver.
Her first book, A Teygl in His Pocket, was published in 2021. Cover design by Adam Silver.
Her second book, The G on Her Suitcase, is now available.  Cover design by Adam Silver.
Praise for The G on Her Suitcase
A delight to read
by Jeff Buckstein, Ottawa, Canada
The G on Her Suitcase is a wonderfully written book of historical fiction that takes the reader back to the late 19th and early 20th century in Great Britain, as a family struggles to cope with multiple contemporary issues, including anti-Semitism, the fight for women's voting rights, the First World War, and a global pandemic. In telling the poignant story of her family, particularly of her paternal great-grandmother and grandmother as two generations came of age, author Carla J. Silver has carefully researched and presented a treasure trove of historical details that enrich the human drama unfolding on the pages. This book is a delight to read.
by Amy in BC
This book is riveting. I regretted buying it on my Kindle, because I want my granddaughters to get to read it as well, but the paperback price is reasonable. The author strikes the perfect balance of fast-moving plot, charming mundane details of London life in the early 20th c. and fascinating history of the suffragette movement, the home front during WWI, and so much more. Developments in the wider world are often told by the characters as they learn of them and have to adjust their own lives in response. The characters are mostly well-intentioned and likable, showing great resilience and loyalty. They begin to feel like one's own family.

Praise for  A Teygl in His Pocket
A Teygl in His Pocket: a Love Story & Adventure Story, with Many Challahs along the Way
By Bruce-Michael Gelbert
A new book, available in paperback and as a ebook from Amazon, has come my way, “A Teygl in His Pocket,” written by Carla J. Silver and published by Tellwell Talent, Inc. It’s a page turner, a love story, and an adventure story, that takes us from the towns of Hirlau, Stefaneshti, and Botosani, in Botosani Province, Rumania, near the Russian border; to Manhattan’s Lower East Side and Brooklyn, New York; and to Toronto, Canada, with stops along the way in Trieste, Antwerp, and Halifax, in the early 20th century. It’s a story of Jewish bakers and tailors, who leave the Old World for the New, and what they find there. This is a story that was written with love. Silver vividly conjures up the challenging experiences of traveling steerage to North America, in uncomfortably close quarters, and adapting to a New World, with its strange language, customs, and currency, not to mention the new names, easier to pronounce, that it seems to require.